How to Treat Autoimmune Diseases Naturally

Type-1 diabetes, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis plus many other autoimmune diseases are on the rise and conventional medicine says there’s ‘no cure’. Once again, and I say this respectfully, it’s simply not true what you’ve been told. To resolve these serious health conditions – one must look at their immediate surroundings for a natural solution.

There are plenty of medicines to spend thousands of dollars on, but there’s no surety they can bring back the same health you had before. The numbers are truly staggering – over 60 million people have allergies, 30 million people are asthmatic, and 24 million people have autoimmune disorders including, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid disease plus many other ‘hard-to-identify’ health issues. The annual healthcare cost for autoimmune diseases (alone) is $120 billion/year – which is nearly twice the financial burden of cancer care. Unfortunately, too many people are lead to believe that anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and immune-suppressing agents will solve the problem.

On the other hand, natural medicines and treatments, such as naturopathy, promise to work in your favor. You can visit Courtney Holmberg Naturopathic Clinic to discuss your issue. Many patients with severe health problems have consulted Toronto naturopathic Dr and have regained good health.

If you’re looking to calm down an overactive immune system – that continually attacks healthy body tissue – then you must address the underlying causes for cellular inflammation. This article is all about autoimmune diseases and how they can be prevented naturally. So, let’s get started!

Causes of Autoimmune Disorders

One of the greatest threats to our immune system is a leaky gut. When our body has been damaged by too many toxins – the intestinal tract gets inflamed and, eventually, allows undigested foreign matter to seep into the body. This stresses our immune system and can cause systemic inflammation and organ damage.

Genetically engineered foods, highly refined sugars and overexposure to household chemicals can cause serious health problems. Breathing in toxic fumes and drinking polluted municipal water can cause disease.Then there are other issues, such as EMF pollution, chemical sensitivities and emotional stress.

Simply put, non-conventional healthcare practitioners view all autoimmune diseases as a byproduct of too many toxins coupled with nutritional deficiencies. In order to boost immunity and heal the body – one must stop eating foods that cause gut inflammation.

Bottom line – with an allergen-free, anti-inflammatory diet, nutritional supplements like ALA and vitamin C plus healthy lifestyle changes – you can reverse autoimmune diseases without toxic drugs.

How Toronto Naturopath Treats Autoimmunity

Allergies, a weakened immune system, and autoimmune conditions are a result of a disruption in the body’s natural defense/janitorial system.Naturopathic Medicine works to correct that disruption, and restore the body’s ability to decipher between itself, the external environment, and pathogens. Immunosuppression is not your only option!

There are number of ways to treat an autoimmune disease naturally. One most important part is gut rehabilitation and minimize digestive dysfunction. Toronto naturopath autoimmunity uses the four principles of gut rehabilitation to address the underlying cause of digestive dysfunction:

  • Remove the offending foods and toxins
  • Repair the intestinal lining
  • Restore the proper flora
  • Replace underlying deficiencies

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