Coil Packaging Machinery Industry

Although coil packaging machinery industry in China appears relatively late, after several decades of development, Chinese manufacturer have achieved very good development. Now facilitated by the high-tech, rely on independent innovation, China’s company gradually opened the door to international markets and have a good development prospect in future pop over to this site.

Fhope packaging mechanical limited is a professional company in production and selling Fhope series high-speed aluminum plastic packaging machine. Fhope series is small aluminum plastic packaging machine, PHP is flat and the hard double aluminum packaging machine, PFP series sided seal particles packaging machine, FDP series soft double aluminum packaging machine, tick tablets machine, sealed detection Taiwan. The 10 years experience is able to guarantee products quality and performance. The machine was well received both at domestic and abroad about various packaging machine. And we are please to free provides technical advice service per your need.

Our company is located at the old industrial zone in Northeast China, the beautiful shore of the Shanghai City, Liaoning province. It is the birth place of pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

There are rich machinery processing and manufacturing heritage. Our company is a professional manufacturer of packaging machinery  manufacturers of processing for a variety of industries. Particularly in the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries, has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing. Company has modern production workshop and engaged in years of experience leading designers and first class technical assembler with strong development capability and production capacity. Reform has a wide range of packaging machinery; helping users solve many practical problems, establish good reputation in market.

With the latest technology, exquisitestyling, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service, we are capable provide your first-class products with excellent packaging. Let brilliant company do packaging for you by sincere cooperation, hand in hand service

Product features:

  •  Set box and seal the device box all rolled into one It is machine mainly for food and chemical products industries per carton packaging.
  • Other characteristics are as follows:
  • 8 tray adhesive for inner box production;
  • 8 PCL control button operation, the operation is simple;
  • Follow 8 photoelectric encoder, dispensing precision, performance andstability;
  • 8 to improve production efficiency, 60-100 boxes/min is 2-3 times the existing equipment in the market
  • Sealing edges, with several bags in one time packaging and high efficiency.
  • PLC control, a high degree of automation.
  • Stepless frequency control, reliable performance, easy to operate.
  • Electro-optical tracking, floating, assuring complete bag with double-sidedpatterned, locations accurately.
  • Automatic batch number, longitudinal tears line.
  • Energy saving and emission reduction, saving package

Scope of application:

Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Tablets, capsules, granular materials, such as single-chip, dual or morebags Check Out Your URL.

  • Main technical parameters
  • Blanking 30-60 times/min
  • Packing efficiency of 120-360 bags/min 1500 PCs/min
  • Aluminum plastic composite packaging materials-plastic film, aluminum,paper-plastic laminating film
  • Package dose 1-20 g/bag
  • Bag-making length 50-120mm
  • Bag width 50-80mm
  • Total power 3.5KW
  • Overall dimensions
  • (L * w * h) 1270*1070*1720mm
  • Weight 1000kg


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