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Top 5 wedding Related Mistakes You Should Avoid

How many weddings you’ve been to? And how many have you remembered? That’s a lot simple to answer. But there may be two different reasons why you remember your friend’s wedding. It would have been the best wedding because of the food, accommodation, dance performances, or the entire wedding theme. On the other hand, it would have been the biggest disaster you’ve ever experienced – a wedding spoiled because of any of the following reasons.


  • None of the guests appeared, except for close friends
  • The dance floor went down in the middle of the dance
  • The entire menu had gone wrong and guests had to live on drinks only
  • The bride didn’t show up for climax, because her makeup wore off
  • Perhaps, your groom had to borrow your clothes because his dress was too tight or it wasn’t delivered on time.

Each of these things has one thing in common – the lack of professionalism and responsibility from the service providers. This is the reason why people care too much about their weddings, yet many, thanks to the internet, get stuck with so-called “best wedding services in town” that tremble at the last moment.

With the help of experienced Toronto wedding photographers, My Boundless Wedding Photo,we have listed 5 most critical mistakes that could ruin your wedding easily.


Research and word-of-mouth marketing plays a vital role in determining suitable venue for weddings. You have to consider a lot of things before finalizing the right venue for your wedding. These questions will help though:

  • Does the venue offer discount?
  • Does the venue offer flexibility in terms of wedding décor?
  • Does it have enough space to accommodate the number of guest you planned for, easily?
  • Is there a parking space, along with wallet parking?
  • What are the accessibility options for people coming in from different parts of the city?

Catering Service

Just like the wedding venue, catering is the basic part that should be played by the caterers with loads of experience and knowledge. Giving this job to newcomers simply means putting your wedding at risk. Food is the most common factor people refer to when they talk about any wedding. So, don’t take chances here.

Avoiding Pros for Photography

The wedding photography has become one of the basics of successful event. Even though you have the best cell phone with high definition camera, you cannot get the right kind of pictures unless you’re a pro. Wedding photographers Toronto know what kind of light suits your dress and makeup. They know what will please the people and how to get the best wedding pictures for you.

No Designer

Here’s the best thing to ruin your wedding – don’t have a wedding theme. Wedding planners seem expensive to some, but they have a job to save you plenty of money on other stuff.

Cheap Makeup

If you intend to save money on makeup, you might end up getting worst bridal snaps ever. If you don’t want to do that, hire a professional makeup artist who understands your dress and theme of the wedding.

6 Qualities Of A Good Husband

Almost every girl in a relationship wonders if her partner will be a good husband. There are a few signs that show whether or not your partner will be a good husband. serli siroan rings toronto will give you a list of qualities a good husband has:

Continuous shows how much he cares about you.

The feeling that you are appreciated and respected by the partner is the basis for a lasting marriage. Men show gratitude and love in different ways. Some shower their girlfriends with flowers, while others help with the housework. It is important that you are respected by your partner and show how grateful you are.

husband-and-wife-relationship-1.jpg (1000×780)

Family on the first place.

Marriage is something serious and should be taken seriously by both partners. It is a process where both of you will start a new family. You need to be sure that he will be able to take care of you and your children. If your partner cares about his family, then it means that he will be a dedicated husband and a father.

He is capable and independent.

Yes, getting married is your dream, but think about whether you and your partner are financially able to do that. This is a completely new way of life. Your future husband needs to be able to take care of the whole family that means you and your children. If there is love, there will be a solution to anything, but the financial situation is important. The same applies to you. You cannot just sit at home and wait for him to bring you money.

You share the same or similar opinions.

You must have had a conversation with your partner on important things such as where do you see yourself in the next 10 years. If not, make sure you have that conversation before you get married. If he wants to live somewhere else and his plans are not the same as yours, talk to him and be willing to make compromises in order to save the relationship. But this relationship won’t be good for you if you are the only one who makes sacrifices.

He accepts you for who you are.

A good partner is the one who accepts you with all your flaws, he will never try to change you but accept you for who you are. There is nothing wrong if he gives you some advice and tells you that you are doing something wrong. But the final decision should be up to you. You need to have a space to feel free and to feel like yourself in that relationship.

He trusts you completely

Trusting you means not to check your phone constantly, check your emails, messages or follow you wherever you go. If he doesn’t trust you, then the relationship is doomed. Meaningless jealousy is good for the relationship, but if he stalks you, it is time to break up with him.

Serli and Siroan Engagement Ring Sets – Tip to Buy the Best Matched

When it comes to marriage, every small detail should be absolutely perfect. And it is difficult choose the best wedding rings in Toronto for your wedding. The engagement rings symbolize that you love your partner more than enough and will stay with him/her long time. So, one should take more care in selecting the perfect serli and siroan engagement rings.

If you want to surprise your loved one to choose the best engagement ring, but you doesn’t know which one to select. It is better to know what your fiancee really like. This will help you to select the right engagement ring. As far as concerning other jewelry to match the latest fashion trends. However, you will never want to change the engagement rings in your life time. It is symbolic of the relationship that you shared with your loved one and make an important day in your whole life.

ef904bdc896ee9247ae705fcf8c04c7e-600x437.jpg (600×437)

When you are shopping for a engagement rings, many collections are available in the Toronto engagement ring stores. It is difficult to choose the best one in all collections. The trick is to buy an engagement ring without looking overly matched. And you will consider the size, shape, durability and embellishments. Consider the following things when you are going to buy engagement rings.

Band Width:

Both the rings should be in same size and are in same design. The metals and jewelry is also same for the both rings.

Choosing the Same Metals:

You can select both the rings with same metal. If you will buy a gold metal for your engagement ring, then you should also go for the same wedding band. The color of the metal also similar to each of the rings. Try to make them with same karat gold, so they last for the same time.

Embellishments and Designs of the Engagement Rings:

The gems and pattern should also same for the both rings. Here are some points to consider taking matching tings

  1. An extremely gemstones arranged in the center of the plain ring is the best one to select which gives elegant look.
  2. You can also wear tree stone diamond
  3. If you are looking for colored stone for your engagement rings in Toronto engagement ring stores, then choose the same color for the two rings. Diamonds are the best one to wear which gives royal look.
  4. If you are looking for the vintage rings. You will pay more attention to buy the best one.
  5. A large and best design sticks with the simple wedding band.
  6. Most of couple choosing the chunky and fashionable engagement rings. Which will cause so much of problem, you should select the rings that are in curve shape. It not only look beautiful but also have more durability.

There are more bridal sets are available in store. You can select the best one to impress your loved one. Wedding is the most memorable moment in everybody’s life. So, you will pay more attention to choose the best wedding rings in Toronto. The taste of you and your partner will be not same. So take some extra time to know her likes in jewelry.

The Key Of The Rich Jerk And Pt Barnum

You will find lots of jerks available. Surely those of us attempting to develop an internet business prefer to our clients consider us with a feeling or, at least, the heat they get the things they purchase from us.

David_Boreanaz_big.jpg (780×673)

No, so much using the self-named “Rich Jerk” read the review whose web site features of the number of a number of surprising debaucheries, in addition to magnificent games of prosperity. You’re constantly reminded he is preferable to you which you’ll as poor as him.

I love to consider that maybe Bill Gates calls him simply to observe how the “bad idiot” does…

Consider something which others might consider even unseemly, or basic, and change it onto its mind, paint it in the garish shade, and boost it to everyone with in-your-face strong marketing you are able. Within the cities before the show, cards and touring “mini-shows” went about in Barnum’s time to obtain individuals to visit the shows. Joe Vitale has created a book about the guy “There Is A Client Born Every Moment: P.T. Barnum’s Incredible 10 “Bands of Energy” for Bundle Making Popularity, along with a Business Kingdom TodayGuaranteed! (Visit to Purchase His Book).

Regarding Mr. Idiot, he’s found a distinctive and essentially abandoned part of the online marketplace: Ridiculous marketing.

There are other sites that this and many of crazy sites…

Now for your analysis. Mr. Jerk is unreal. Many know he may be the online identity of somebody (it doesn’t matter who, really). So when he says he doesn’t care what you consider him, he is preferable to you blah you can be very sure he’s extremely thinking about you. Without clients, he’d be a bad guy having a useless site. What he’s selling may be the “Rich Jerk” (not items), just like Mr. Barnum once needed to promote the “Greatest Show On The Planet” before it really was that good.

That’s the actual solution. Generate market or the brand new niche “practically”, on your PC adviser, written down, in your thoughts, etc. Produce A technique to provide this digital niche towards the market. Until this digital market is possible then perform the technique. The key isn’t to become a copy, but to become regarded as progressive. The Rich Jerk is “book”, however, what he offers is regular advertising information products.

This solution looks too easy, so it’s often overlooked. That’s a part of it is an amazing miracle, the truth that a lot of miss it. As well as the best part is, markets are such as the areas between tree branches. Whilst the tree grows due to areas and new marketers, more areas for more marketers and markets become available, that’s, they’ll never go out.

Resort Wears In Fashion

Resort wears for men and women has evolved over the years to suit the current fashion trends as well as the lifestyles of the people. What previously prevailed as the fashion statement for the most affluent people and only manufactured by the upscale stores have now transformed into a year round fashion statement and have retained its elegance and sophistication. The resort wears which is also known as cruise wears are worn by men and women on vacations to certain destinations. This genre of fashion signifies a soothing and free style that upholds the spirit of freedom and fun. Typically meant for warmer climates these clothes are worn in beaches or beach resorts, cruise dinner and to similar places and occasions. The long flowing dresses to kaftans and evening dresses paired with sandals make up the resort wear collection for women.

Other things that resort wears include

Resort wears even include jewellery that goes at par with clothes. Jewellery and accessories always make an important part of any type of fashion and the resort wear is not an exception as well. Helga Wagner is best known for her collection of precious jewellery collections that are worn by even the celebrities, members of the international society and the royalty as well.

The jewelry is made from corals, pearls, and also turquoise, lapis etc. When elegantly teamed with the gorgeous wears, it exudes nothing but elegance and grace. It is an all year round fashion statement that can be elegantly carried off to a destination event as well with any form of resort clothes. Previously the favourite holiday destinations for the affluent like Las Vegas, Bahamas, San Juan, Palm Beach, Marbella etc have now become permanent residences of many. Thus the fashion statement has now become year round.

Growing popularity of resort wears

It still remains a hot favourite for many. The popularity of the resort wears is growing and more and more people are finding this fashion statement both elegant and comfortable. Comfort is an important reason for its growing popularity; the designers give more attention to the fabrics that goes into making these types of clothes so that they are comfortable to wear in the warm tropical climates. The handmade jewellery from Helga Wagner can be comfortably worn in these warmer climates as one enjoys the serenity of the beaches and the vastness of the seas or the soothing coastal climates. The jewellery comes with purity and at very reasonable prices as well.


By Stevee Danielle Hair and makeup



Have you ever looked at your hair stylist and said “my hair doesn’t hold curl”, “my hair is already curly and is too frizzy to curl” or “I always straighten my naturally curly hair before I curl it”? Let me put your mind at ease and tell you that celebrities are not the only ones with perfectly curlable hair! Everyone can have their hair texture completely changed for and look amazing and different than your everyday look for your wedding day. AND, its easy!

Science behind heating your hair:

First, lets get to understanding the science behind any methods of styling with heat. Hair is made up of a protein known as keratin. Keratin is made up of sulfur-containing amino acids. sulfur atoms, from chains of keratin, bond together to form what are called disulphide bonds or S-S bonds. These disulphide bonds are what keeps the keratin molecules in a fixed position creating the shape of the hair fiber.

What we do when we want to change the shape of the hair fiber? The easiest most common methods are straightening, curling, or wanding our hair using heated irons. 300 to 500 degrees fahrenheit will break down these disulphide bonds. Whatever shape you use to break down these disulphide bonds is the shape they will start to form. When an heated iron is removed from the hair, the hair will cool. Once the hair is fully cooled down, that is the shape the disulphide bonds will stay. Only moisture or water will return the disulphide bond to its original state

Common mistakes made that make it seem like your hair is just impossible!

Curling your hair from the ends to the base:

It just seems natural that the way to use a curling iron is to catch as much of the ends as possible without them slipping and roll the iron up all the way to the scalp.

Problem with this method:

unless you have very short hair, this method will give you lifeless frizzy hair at the base and midshaft of the hair and a very tight curl on the ends of the hair. Why? Well now that we understand why the heat is the key to smooth shiny hair no matter what shape we want, it is easy to understand that there is not enough heat getting to the midshaft and base of the hair. When you wrap hair around the iron and roll up to the scalp, you are essentially wrapping hair around hair, not heat. The hair at the midshaft and base will not get hot enough if it is touching hair from the ends and not touching the curved plates of the iron. Holding the iron in your hair longer hoping that the midshaft and ends will eventually get hot enough may work better, but will damage your ends and still wont create the desired look. Your wedding hairstyle will end up falling down within the hour

Straightening your naturally curly hair before curling it.
This seems like the obvious thing to do when you have tried to create a smoother larger curl in your hair like the method above, and all you ever get is still a frizzy mess.

Problem with this method:

Once the disulphide bonds have been heated (broken) and cooled (only returnable by moisture) into a straight shape, it will be very difficult, not to mention damaging, to get the disulphide bonds to break and reshape again. Yes, it is possible and people do it all the time, but the curl shape desired after straightening will never stay as long as it not being straightened first and it is a waste of time. Again, once the disulphide bond has cooled, it will want to return to the original shape it cooled in until it has been returned to its natural state by the application of water

So how do we do it right?

Think about when you have used a flat iron. You squeeze hair at the base (next to the scalp) in between 2 plates and slide down the hair. This works because you are applying heat evenly throughout the entire section of hair as you slide the iron down to the ends. This is called a base to ends method of heat styling. You hair looks smooth and straight, yay! Sooooooo, how do we get our brides hair to be smooth and curled instead? Using the same base to ends method. Put your hair into the curling iron just below the base of your hair and roll up to where you are almost at the scalp, press the thumb release just gently enough to be able to slide the iron down the hair enough to roll it one or two more times to get it back up to the scalp. This will keep the hair sliding on the curved plates. Continue sliding the hair through and rolling back up to the scalp until you have slid the ends into the iron and almost immediately release. This method with enable you to smooth and curl your hair at the same time without causing extreme damage to your hair, wasting your time or leaving you with frizz

Do you have stubbornly straight or very thin hair?

Remember what we said about how the shape the disulphide bond cools in is what it will stay in? Use little clips to clip your curl up directly after your iron leaves the hair and while it cools down. Cooling in the curled shape instead of a long heavy spiral will make your curls last longer. Use a weightless hairspray sparingly before you take down your clips

Follow these tips and you can feel safe that your wedding hairstyle will last all evening. If you have any questions on this technique feel free to email us and we will be happy to help.


How to Choose the Best Spinning Reel?

When it comes to choosing a fishing reel, spinning reels are often favorable to baitcasting reels in as much as not only are spinning reels easy to use but they also don’t have the learning curve of casting reels. Moreover, speaking of skill techniques and light weight in performance, spinning reels is better and easier of use. However, Selecting the best spinning reel that is most suitable for you can be challenging if you don’t know the operation of a spinning reel. Let’s take a look at knowledge and useful tips for choosing the best  spinning reel.

1)      The body:

The Reel’s material can be graphite, aluminum, or the two of them in combination. Aluminum Reel is stronger, heavier but more rigid than graphite, making it the highest quality material for a fishing reel. In some cases, if you intend to work in saltwater, you should choose graphite reel because it is more corrosion-resistant. Another important factor is the feeling of contact to the reel. It should be smooth, not loose or limp when performing. Moreover, it should be light to be more comfortable to the fishers when handling it for a long period of time.

2)      The size:

It’s quite easy but of importance. You should purchase the reel whose size is suitable with its weight. The reel of your choice must be evaluated by the pound-test line. Thus, you should check the information of the line capacity on the reel’s spool or in the chart of the product.

3)      The gear ratio:

The gear ratio of a spinning reel indicates the number of times of bail rotation around the spool for each single turn of the handle.

According to the style of your fishing, you can choose a slow-speed reel of 4:1 gear ratio which provides more torque for catching large fish, a high-speed retrieve of 6:1 ratio, or a medium speed one of %:1 ratio. The measurement of line recovery will reveal  the length of line that is wound onto the spool for each turn of the handle.

4)      The drag system:

The drag is so important that if it’s not smooth, constrictive or of poor-quality, you will be at high risk of breaking the line and losing fish. Moreover, for whatever tension you apply, the line-pulling must be steady.

You can choose between front and rear drag which are different in the drag control location. Furthermore, compared to rear-drag model, front-drag model  has multiple and large drag washers ensuring stability and performance on large fish species.

5)      The ball bearings:

In Spinning reels, the ball bearings is located in the body to help the reel be smooth, strong and stable. Thus, a reel with the greater number of bearings is more favorable, but the price must be higher. The least number of ball bearings often advised is four.

6)      The Spools:

The casting distance and smoothness are also determined by the style of the spool on a spinning reel, whether internal or skirted. Internal spools seem to be old-fashioned  with the drawback that the line easily becomes entangled, which skirted spools help deal with it.

7)      The anti-reverse handles:

Such a kind of handle will make the hook sets more powerful and accurate and thus, preventing it from spinning backward. The reel of choice should have solidly built arm and knob. And to avoid the slippage in the sweater of your hands and in wet weather, you should choose a strong grip.

For more information please visit best spinning reel website and get all knowledge about it


Now Shop Online With Even More Secure Websites

It’s one of the incredible delights of the Internet. The capacity to discover anything you can envision online and to purchase it! Shopping online has given new get to clients searching for claim to fame things and venders searching for new clients. Notwithstanding, shopping online is a standout amongst the most powerless moves you can make when endeavoring to secure your individual data on the web. Here is an agenda to consider for making your online buys as sheltered as could be expected under the circumstances.

How to Shop Securely

Shop from Well Known Companies

Just shop at online stores of respectable (organizations you know from retail locations, mail request inventories or different sources). Know how to contact them logged off if there is an issue with your buyer. In the event that you are unsure of the organization, do a little research with the Better Business Bureau.

Security Settings of Program

Secure your Web program. Check the security settings of your Web program to expand the security of your exchanges.

Check the Security Symbols

Check for security symbols before giving your individual data. Before you write in your charge card number or name and location, check for security symbols on the Web website. This incorporates searching for “https” in the Web location or URL. The Https demonstrates the Web website is furnished with an extra security layer.

Make Good Passwords

Make exceptional passwords. Don’t utilize the same watchword for the greater part of your online records and applications. In the event that you do this, you hazard having the majority of your records bargained if one record is broken. Keep in mind to never utilize your college passwords for other online records.


Don’t empower the “Save Password” choice if provoked to do so. On the off chance that you are utilizing an imparted machine, pre-saved passwords will make it simple for others to get to your records.

The Credit Cards

Utilize one and only committed credit card for online buys. Screen your month to month explanations nearly for any bizarre movement.

Log Out From Systems

Continuously log out of a webpage when you are through. Once more, this will secure your records on an external machine.

People Can Buy Lotto Tickets

The internet systems are secured a lot now-a-days, therefore people are able to buy the Lotto Tickets Online. You can make your purchases in a very serious manner. You can see the privacy policy of Lotto Tickets and can by them online. This website is completely secured by McAfee SECURE and RapidSSL.

Get To Know About The Best Hair Straighteners In India

In view of numerous variables, the best hair straightener in India is Philips Kerashine HP8316 because it has earthenware plates and ionic consideration which deals with your hair, its wide plates decrease straightening time for thick hair and it arrives in a brilliant shade. Its as of now valued at around Rs. 2000. It is at present the #1 at Amazon. Its close contender is the monetarily evaluated (Rs. 1200) estimated Philips HP8309. Look at the examination tables beneath for nitty gritty correlation among numerous hair straighteners accessible in India.


Hair is made up of protein called Keratin. These keratin bonds with their neighboring keratins through di-sulphide bonds. Consider them stick which sticks keratins. Presently, this paste is solid and that is the reason we can’t break or trim hair with our hands. We need something sharp like scissors to do it.


At the same time these bonds are solid. Along these lines, to correct them, we have to utilize heat. By utilizing high temperature, the paste between the keratins is slackened and we can reshape the hair. This is precisely what a hair straightener does. The plates of the hair straightener high temperature up which causes the paste in our hair to melt. Thus, hair that passes through the hot plates turns out being straighter.


The thickness of your hair ought to choose how hot the level iron gets. Slim hair obliges low temperature where as thick hair obliges high temperatures. So for slight or fine hair, get a hair straightener that offers variable hotness settings. This will permit you to utilize high temperatures as a part of segments with thick hair and lower temperatures at more slender areas.

For Thick Hair

For thick hair, you will require a hair straightener with more extensive plates. This will permit the hair to be inside the plates for a more drawn out time accordingly presenting to hotness for a more extended time. This will permit you to diminish the temperature a tad bit.


Whatever be the sort of your hair, a few gimmicks are needed among all great hair straighteners.


The plates ought to be smooth, so hair can undoubtedly coast however it without getting stuck or harmed inside the plates.


Ceramic has the capacity, high temperature up rapidly and equally. This permits 30 to 60 seconds startup time for hair straighteners. Additionally, clay creates far infrared high temperature, which enters hair without harming it. Tourmaline is a gem which, when warmed produces negative particles. Negative particles decrease the static frizz in your hair and consequently keep it gleaming and smooth.

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