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Online Pokies: The Benefits of Playing Online Pokies?

Pokies getting an extremely popular entertainment resource in Australia and are an Australian expression for slots. Walkthrough membership or almost any bar in Australia and you’ll find pokies. Online pokies are also getting common; Australians are now able to perform these activities within the convenience of the home. Pokies Devices accept Aussie records or money coins and certainly will be performed in variations as little as 1 penny right up to $1 per line. They work on a video poker monitor and, therefore, are often comprised of 25 lines which move to fall into line winning combinations. They’re vibrant and crafted on places, films, and animals.

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Why are Australians enthusiastic about pokies? Well, they like to risk, it’s within a socially acceptable activity along with the tradition. However exactly what the typical Aussie does not understand is once they move into a pokies place winning’s odds are significantly stacked against them. Let me make it clear the payment rates at land-based casinos and pokies groups are incredibly low, often as low as 80%. That is where online pokies are developing, they provide significantly greater payment rates since online casinos don’t possess the same expenses (energy, team, and lease) and so could offer greater returns to assist lure and keep pokies players.

Online Pokies have the same functions whilst the Foreign pokies you’d know about, including vibrant artwork free moves, addictive looks and bonus units and unique activities. They’re also connected as much as jackpots which could achieve more than one thousand dollars. You will find countless online pokies activities to select from some centered on films like the Lord of the Bands, on the web, celebrities like the Osbourne Family and styles, for example, Egyptian King of the Nile. There are countless activities before you risk having a single penny to obtain and try.

Therefore, the options are limitless when playing online; what would be the advantages of playing? Most reputable online casinos provide exceptional customer support and purchases are fast and safe.

When playing online pokies, if you like free movies on pokies you then have been in to get a real address!

The Bearded Trio – A Statement On The New Trailer And Fans #ThankYouGeorgeLucas @StarWars

I love the new trailer for The Force Awakens.  Its everything I wanted it to be and more.  It seems J.J. Abrams and the talented crew will bring the magic of Star Wars back to the silver screen since Revenge of the Sith or technically in my opinion since the theatrical release of The Clone Wars.

There is a sting in the tale with the new trailer and the positive vibes that go with it and that’s the inevitable George Lucas bashing.  Over the last few days I’ve seen many remarks running down the STAR WARS CREATOR on Twitter and other social media sites.  Statements like ‘this is how it should be done George’ and ‘Star Wars can be done right in the right hands.’

I’ve even seen a fan-made ‘George Lucas special edition’ version of the new trailer.  I know this is a joke and should be taken as such but when you see so many positive remarks regarding the new trailer and in the mix ‘fans’ bashing the STAR WARS CREATOR I can’t help but feel it’s become a trend and an easy bandwagon to climb aboard.

Here’s a suggestion.  Maybe we should just embrace the new Star Wars era and at the same time thank George for Star Wars and the epic galaxy he created.

Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy, whether you hated the prequels or whether you think his changes were one step too far he still brought us so much joy.  We should embrace Star Wars, past present and the future.

Thank you George Lucas for Star Wars and for creating a whole galaxy for me and others to play in.


Rob Wainfur




Office Vijay Tv Serial

Office Vijay Tv Anbu says that Kamal didn’t call to Raji. He tries to say who has called her. Madhu both were coming inside the office. Kumar was questioning them for coming late from the lunch. She scolds madhu and argues with Kumar. Kumar wants to rule over them and asks madhu to come to his cabin. But she supports him and fought with him against Kumar.

Kamal comes to meet Raji in her room. Raji thinks about the past fight she had with kamal and asks sorry to him and she says that they found the person who called her. He said he wants to leave the office and they both speaks emotionally and tells that he leaves and she stops him. Raji also says that she feels so guilty for her behavior. She speaks a lot to convince him and finally she succeeds too. She says that she never breaks the trust and he promised her that he won’t leave her too.

Vishnu talks to someone that he will spend his week end with that person and he also says, I love you and misses you over the phone. Mani was staring at him and she overhears everything. Vishnu wontedly called her and says why she is upset and he asks her is he the reason behind his sorrow. She says yes and Vishnu asked her if I was he talking over the phone and tries to explain her. But still she didn’t believes him. Vishnu calls the number and a kid started to talk to him and Vishnu proves himself that he is a good guy.

Kamal and Raji were sitting in the canteen and they started to talking to each other. Kamal feels guilty that he is not leaving the office. Raji says she won’t leave him. Kamal says that she talks to him like she loves him. He wants to be with her the whole life. She started scolding karthik for his behavior and Karthik comes there and passes them. Kamal pours the water in the glass and he wants to pour it in karthik’s face but Raji stops him not to go. Karthik wontedly comes and sits next to them. Kamal pours water on his face but Karthik says sorry to him and leaves.

Vishnu is all angry and irritated with Karthik’s Behaviour. Anbu is also equally irritated and says he has drawn lines on Kamal’s car and punctured his wheel also.

Vishnu gets a call from his team mate, Priya. Apparently, they were late and came from inside a slum area. The anti-social elements in the slum have their bike key and are trying to misbehave with them. Vishnu plans to go there. Anbu says that they are anti-social elements and they could call the police instead of going there. Vishnu says immediate action is required and hence he should go there to protect them. (Except for face reactions.. no major dialogues!)

Anbu goes to Karthik’s room and states this point by point that, We have decided not to interfere in each other’s lives, If I go there, he will ask why I came and insult me. He is capable that he will fight alone and bring the girls back. Anbu says its not a comedy time. He should know that in case of any problems, he needs to call the police. He should understand his capacity.

Vishnu, who has traded his coat for the girls and comes back with the 2 girls into office. She asks if there is any problem. Vishnu says, “Problem… for them” and all the 3 walks away while she looks on.

They all go to the conference room and explain about Vishnu’s fighting skills, she explains the whole story that how he fought and how they have been rescued from them. The problem is that the fighting place looks like a big junction. It is not like a slum with narrow roads. He asks why all this hero drama. Vishnu says he has given office address and they might come with full force to fight with him. For more please visit

The anti socials were comes to office. Anbu comes there and tries to convince them. He calls Vishnu also to come there. They hold Anbu mama and then took hold of Vishnu. The guy who leads the gang leaves from there, Anbu asks why did they come here vishnu says they comes to stab him.